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The Mission

We are raising $100,000 to procure ambulances and communications equipment. 

We will hand deliver the keys and equipment to on-ground leaders in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine.

August 1

August 15

August 22

August 24

Raise $100,000

Initiate purchase of 4 ambulances and 80 radios

Travel across Europe with supplies

Arrive in Kriviy Rih

Our Commitment To You

- 100% of your donations go to ambulances, radios, and minimal travel expenses

- 0% of your donation goes to any other costs

- We will share SITREPS (updates) at every phase before, during, and after the mission

- Your donation is tax-deductible. Upon request, our UFF partner (a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit) will provide a receipt of your donation for US tax purposes.

Find More Info Here

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